The SYNERGY design is a machine room-less elevator that can be adapted to any building.
The main advantages are the smaller dimensions of the shaft and the lack of a machine room, which saves space and cuts construction costs. The technology available in these elevators allows the following configurations:

• SYNERY + Amazon Line cars
• SYNERGY + Export Line cars
• SYNERGY + Panoramic cars

There is also the Modular SYNERGY option, a line of external elevators. Using a metal box as a shaft structure, this model is ideal for existing buildings that do not yet have elevators.

The features of the SYNERGY and Modular SYNERGY designs give architects more creative freedom and offer new possibilities:

• Flexible, compact and innovative.
• Ultra compact, gearless elevator (no oil)
• Frameless car with lower traction
• Gearless system
• Smooth and silent ride
• Low energy consumption


Finishing options to customize your way.

Indicators - Cabin

Indicators - Floor

Traffic control


Control Panels - Floor

Control Panels

Panel Control - High Protection